Saturday’s Offensive Drills – Week 10

Just 16 days away from the start of spring practice. Hopefully you have already read the two posts above this… We will have a Parent Meeting at the end of our first spring practice on Monday, May 3 (all the details are in the post and the flyer that is attached). Also, on Monday night (two days from now) you will be getting tickets to sell for the Booster Club’s Cinco de Mayo fundraiser.

Before we get into the drills today, check out these two plays from USC’s Spring Practice. First the defensive play by tackle DaJohn Harris (also notice the effort and hustle of the QB). The second play which starts at about the :48 second mark features tailback Dillon Baxter. There is a lot to take away from both of these plays… 1) The athleticism of both Harris and Baxter, 2) The hustle of the QB to get back down field and make the play, and 3) The most important thing I see is the offensive linemen on the TD run getting down field (notice the linemen in the end zone when the run ends).

On to the drills…

The Quarterback Drill comes from quarterback guru Todd Krueger. Krueger refers to the drill as “The Elway Drill” in reference to Pro Football Hall of Famer John Elway. It contains many elements, with the QB feeling pressure from a pad, “backing” out and throwing on the run. We will use this on Monday and Tuesday night. There is a lot to gain from this drill and QBs should be ready and it should appear as though you’ve done this already before Monday.

The Running Back Drill is an older video from current Ohio University Head Coach Frank Solich when he was coaching in the late 90s and early 00s at Nebraska. The video addresses Ball Technique and Hand Position. While this may seem simple, the information from Coach Solich is very valuable.

The Wide Receiver Drill is a Four Cone Drill from Nike. The emphasis is on the athlete getting out of their break with their hips and head around, bringing their hands up to catch the football. It cannot be emphasized enough that our receivers need to run better routes and do a better job of catching the football.

The Offensive Line Drill is a “Get Up” Drill. The lineman starts flat on his back, quickly getting to his feet and running and breaking down on the sled. Obviously, you don’t have a sled at home. If you are working with more than one person, break down and get your hands in that person’s chest. This is a great drill for a lineman pulling or trapping to break down on the defender to make the block.

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