Sunday’s Offensive Drills – Week 10

Hopefully you checked out the website yesterday, a lot of important information was posted (Spring Parent Meeting and Cinco de Mayo Fundraiser).

Before we get started with the drills, I am adding this video from the NFL Combine in February. If you watch the NFL Network they really break down the athletes and their 40-yard dash. Every year the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen runs the 40… What they did with this is hilarious. Jacoby Ford is a draft prospect at wide receiver from Clemson, and that dude can fly.

On to the drills…

The Defensive Back Drill has two different drills in the video. Most importantly, the first is a partner drill focusing on the defensive back’s backpedal. Working with a partner and a football, the defensive back is pressed by a wide receiver. This should teach the DB to not allow the cushion with the wide receiver to break down. The second is a schute drill, something that we are going to work on getting for summer drills.

The Linebacker Drill comes from Adidas and Pittsburgh Steelers’ linebacker Lawrence Timmons. Timmons works these athletes through covering a Wheel route in man-to-man coverage from a receiver lined up in the slot. The next drill is taken from stuff we already do with defensive backs, the W Drill. Concentrate on footwork and making a play on the football at its highest point.

The Defensive Line Drill works through a series of Quick Hand Ladder Drills. You don’t necessarily need a Speed Ladder to do these drills. What these drills consist of is basically busting your butt through a Bear Crawl. One thing to concentrate on when performing these drills is the athletes and their ability to keep their backs flat through the drills. While the emphasis is quick hands, two more things are huge, staying low and keeping your back flat.

See everyone on Monday and Tuesday night.

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