Saturday’s Offensive Drills – Week 11

A quick update on the Cinco de Mayo ticket sales. We have collected about $400 after 6 days of sales. A lot of athletes need to get money turned in so they can get more tickets to sell. The goal is 400 tickets sold. This fundraiser is important for the program, and it’s a great deal for everyone who buys a ticket. Remember the motto: Kofa Football – Expect Nothing… Do Something.

Alright, another fun video before we get into the drills. This one definitely has an offensive theme. Check out the block put on the defensive player in this video. Devastating.

On to the drills…

The Quarterback Drill is another special from QB specialist Todd Krueger. This one uses the speed ladder. Don’t have a speed ladder? Set cones up real close together and get through the drill. The drill stresses quick feet getting the QB through the ladder and then finishing the drill with a throw. Krueger is stressing that when the QB makes his throw, he keeps his stride short.

The Running Back Drill gives some great tips on the correct way to use the hit and spin technique as a running back. The coach in the drill does a great job of explaining the drill. The running back initiates the contact and spins away from the defender, keeping the ball securely against his chest.

The Wide Receiver Drill is another Nike drill. This week it’s Get Offs. The WR needs to be able to have explosive speed. This will focus on the athlete getting his knees up over the hurdles, get around the cone quickly, accelerating to the cones and getting his knees up again. Add one step to this drill by catching a football after finishing through the cones.

The Offensive Line Drill asks an important question. Do we want our offensive linemen to be race horses or plow horses. Simple question, simple answer: race horses. This is less of a drill and more of a technique to focus on as you go through drills. Keep your feet close to the ground, and it should be a quick “pitter-patter” not a “loud stomp”.

Kofa Football
Expect Nothing… Do Something

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