Sunday’s Defensive Drills – Week 11

First off, check out the post below this one about Twitter and following KofaFootball.

Second, here is another fun video before we get into the drills for this week. Don’t know how many of you remember Office Linebacker Terry Tate. These commercials debuted during the Super Bowl about 9 or 10 years ago. Good Stuff.

Now, on to the drills…

The Defensive Line Drill this week comes from the University of Texas. It explains and the coach shows the 3 rush moves that the Longhorns use: The Speed Rip Move, The Counter Rip Move, and The Bull Rush. They break down when each rush move is used and it all depends on the way in which the offensive linemen is blocking you. There is a lot that can be learned by listening to the coach in this video.

The Linebacker Drill teaches the athlete to get his arms into the offensive player attempting to make the block. It’s a quick punch with both hands and then locking the arms to create separation. The next step is to get off the block and make a tackle on the ball carrier.

The Defensive Back Drill is a workout from Kai Oredugba, a former DB at UCLA. Oredugba works through a number of drills. Pick some of them out and use them to get better. You need to recognize the intensity that Oredugba shows in working throught each of these drills. Even by himself, he is working hard and pushing himself on each drill.

Let’s get big numbers out for Monday night’s workout.

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