Great example of Leadership

At Stanford last fall, redshirt freshman Andrew Luck beat out a fifth-year senior for the starting job at quarterback. (Photo courtesy of Athlon Sports)

The belief inside Kofa Football is that an awful lot can be learned from examples set by college football programs around the United States.

ESPN’s Ivan Maisel was recently at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA (we too will be there in less than two months!) to interview redshirt sophomore quarterback Andrew Luck. The article talks about Luck’s road to Stanford and what he has done since arriving on campus. It is a great look at how this 20-year-old is not just a great football player, but he is also a great leader.

Stanford Head Coach Jim Harbaugh is impressed everyday by Luck. About halfway through the article Harbaugh shares a story from a couple of years ago when Luck was on campus in the summer at the Cardinal’s High School Summer Camp.

“Obviously, he was a guy we were recruiting,” Harbaugh said. “I kept calling him up and saying, ‘Andrew, you start us off on this drill.’ After the third time or so, he said, ‘Coach, we have a rotation to where everyone gets a turn. We’ll go by the rotation.”

“That was shocking,” Harbaugh said. “That was really impressive that he had that sense of those around him. It’s a leadership quality. He’s got that natural humility. Everybody’s got their antennae up. They’re watching you. The one thing you’re trying to figure out is what’s in another man’s heart? Is he about himself? Or is he about the team? He builds everybody else up. He makes everybody around him huge.

“The opposite of that,” Harbaugh said, “is the guy who tears everybody else down and builds himself up.”

This is a great statement from the coach about leadership.

This is what we are looking for this spring. That is why we are giving out a Leadership Award to a student-athlete from each class. It is that important to football programs to have strong leadership.

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